Middle School Spelling Bee 2021-2022


The ‘Spelling Bee Competition’ for the students of Class 5 was held on 2nd February, 2022 in the school assembly hall. 8 students had qualified for the competition after an elimination round which was held on 22nd January. All the participants were very enthusiastic and active. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by everyone. This competition was a wonderful learning source not only for the participants but also for the audience. It also helped in enriching the vocabulary of the students. It was truly a wonderful event!

The competition was conducted in 5 rounds as follows:-

# Power Spell

# Jumbled Words

# Picture Round

# Fill in the blanks

# Rapid Fire

Spelling Champion of Class 5

Alden Joby (5D) (Gomes House)

Thank you to Ms. Snehal Dias and Ms. Jessie Fernando for organising and conducting the competition for class 5


Spelling Bee is a unique educational activity that not only enhances vocabulary but also develops cognitive abilities & learning strategies. Emphasising on the all round linguistic development of our students we at St. Augustine’s High School organized a Spelling Bee Competition for Class 6 on the 3rd  of February 2022. Ms. Sania Vaz and Ms. Venessa Gonsalves were the teachers in charge of the competition. After a tough elimination round 7 best spellers made it to the finals.

1) Ayush Shetty – Blue house

2) Lance Pereira – Red house

3) Snitik More – Yellow house

4) Johan Andrades – Green house

5) Ansell Fernandes – Yellow house

6) Rudra Bhattacharjee – Green house

7) Rishikesh Vanmali – Blue house

The rounds for the competition were:-1) Bull’s Eye 2) Picture round and 3) Rapid Fire

RISHIKESH VANMALI from Class 6 D emerged as the Best Speller.


Learning a language is the foremost step in the life of a child as it helps him to communicate with the world and a school plays a vital role to train the child in this direction.

The Spell Bee Competition helps in creating awareness of the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression and to add words to the active vocabulary of students.

The competition was organised on 4th February 2022 with 8 finalists out of 20 participants. The event was organised and executed by teachers Sweedle Colaco and Roshini Rodrigues. In the presence of all the invited audience a five round event was held.

Round 1: Unscramble Words

Round 2: Guess the Picture

Round 3: Tricky Spelling

Round 4: Word Buster

Round 5: Rapid Fire

Deep Navin Solanki from class 7C emerged the winner .

Class 7 Spelling Champion

Some photographs of the events below..

Thanks once again to all the teachers and parents who helped prepare the students . Congratulations to all participants and the winners.

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