Class 8 and 9 Spelling Bee


Spelling Bee- the linguistic competition of the intellect, a competition where one has to be calm under pressure, a competition whose benefits extend beyond language. Just imagine that snowy second after the announcement of the word where the contestants have to sift through their store of remembered words to see if they can spell the one that’s asked . It’s that breathtaking? To give our students a sneak peek into this excitement a Spelling Bee Competition was organised for the students of Grade 8 on 8th February,2022 in the school hall. 

             The nine spellers had to go through four rounds namely-Word Builder, The Spell Master, The Proof Reader and Rapid Fire. After four rounds, there was a tie between Harish Nadar(Gomes House) and Nigel D’souza (Keane House). After a showdown between the two finalists, Nigel D’souza was crowned the Spelling Bee Champion. Not only the participants but also the audience had a heavy dose of spellings injected into their brains. 

Teachers’ In charge- Mr. Lester Fernandes and Ms. Ginny D’mello

1st Place- Nigel D’souza (Keane House)

2nd Place-Harish Nadar(Gomes House)


“Competition makes one better, always, always makes one better, even if the competitor wins.”

The Spell Bee Competition was organised for the students of class 9 on the 9th of February 2022 in the School Hall. Around eight finalists were chosen out of sixteen by the teachers in charge of the competition. There were four rounds – Power Spell, Mind and Body, Jumble Words and Rapid fire. All participants competed with keen interest throughout the competition. The competition was both entertaining and challenging .’Kartik Digvijai Singh ‘ from class 9B with 100 points emerged as the Spelling Bee Champion of class 9.Jash Navin Solanki (95 points) and Ahan Anirudha Dubhashi (80 points) came second and third respectively.


 Murphy House: Shaun D’Souza and Vineesh Mehta

 Gomes House Kartik Digvijai Singh and Jash Solanki

 Whiting House Keilan Naik and Ahan Dubhashi

 Keane House Aditya Sharma and Nitesh Vishwakarma

Teachers- in- charge: Ms. Jоусе  Dias and Ms. Crystal Falcao

Jash Solanki and Kartik Singh

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