Class 7 Cricket Finals goes to a Super Over

For the first time in the recent history of cricket tournaments on the hallowed SAS grounds a cricket final between two classes ended in a tie causing the super over rule to be played.

This thrilling turn of events took place in the final match between two class 7 teams- the St Augustine’s Riders and the St Augustine’s Daredevils.
The Riders won the toss and elected to bat first. They scored 35 runs in the alloted 6 overs. The Daredevils chasing that target also managed to score exactly 35 runs in their 6 overs.

In the super over the Daredevils batted first and scored 6 runs givng the Riders a score of 7 runs to make in their over.They scored the runs in 2 balls and became the very delighted winners of a very exciting game. Siddharth Pimple was declared the man of the match. Thanks to Sir Brice for organising and conducting the tournament, Thanks also to square leg umpire Jatin Mathpal and photographer Varun Kurup.

Sir Brice along with the winning team – The St Augustine’s Riders, the first team to win a final in a Super Over in SAS.

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