Correia Memorial Photographs

DAY 2 GAMES ( 9C V/S 10 D and 10C v/s 9D)

9C beat 10D 2-1 ( Goals scored by Nigel,Caleb and Grenville. Best player:Nigel)

10C beat 9D 6-0 ( Goals scored by Cristiano (2),Sebin,Keilan,Kalin and Om. Best player:Cristiano)

( Photography by Kaustubh Vartak 10D)

DAY 3 GAMES : (9A v/s 9C and 10A v/s 10C)

9C beat 9A 2-1 ( Goals scored by Caleb,Abhishek and Adrian. Best player:Liam )

10A beat 10C 1-0 ( Goal scored by Varun .Best player :Varun)

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