Vertical Gardens in SAS

Severe climate disruptions caused by global warming are increasing worldwide by the day. Floods and fires,heatwaves and melting glaciers are a reality that humankind has to deal with on a scale that never existed before. (See this link) It is crucially important to educate young minds in the value of activities and actions that are necessary to respond to the challenges we face due to the climate crisis.

On the 1st of July Br Vinay coordinated a tree plantation drive and climate crisis awareness session for the senior students with Prof Luke Mendes and Dr. Francin Pinto – Founders of Start Green Biz.

Br Vinay also trains students from classes 7 and 8 who opt for a “gardening period” in the basics of good gardening. The latest program to get our students interested in going green is the setting up of a Vertical Garden near the primary school entrance.

Students of classes 5 to 10 with the help of Sir Brice, Ms Irene,Ms Clemia,Ms Roshalda,Ms Neha and Ms Sofia joined together to set up a very beautiful looking vertical garden.Br Vinay will be assisted by students of the primary school as well and for now this remains a work in progress.

Further tree plantation drives are also in the pipeline and the students of St Augustine’s are going to become green warriors as we wind our way through this Golden Jubilee Year of our school.

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  1. Excellent job,we remember cutting of wild grass as big as 5 ft during social work period,we enjoyed. But that us not be seen nature save planet


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