Correia Memorial Semifinals

The semi finals went ahead as scheduled on the 4th of Jan of the new year. The teams assembled in the cool light of the dawning sun and the games started shortly afterwards.

10C v/s 9C

An iconic photograph from the 1982 World Cup shows 6 Belgium players keeping a wary eye on Maradona. An slightly lesser iconic photograph from the Corriea Memorial Tournament 2022-23 shows 3 players from 9C keeping a wary eye on Cristiano.

9C took a 3 goal lead in the first half and it looked like they were home and dry. 10C however had other plans.A brilliant fightback in the second half saw them levelling the score .Cristiano,despite the best efforts of 9C to keep him at bay,scored the first of the comeback goals. The match went to penalties and 10C did not do too well after that.They missed too many of their kicks and 9C won the semi final 6-5 . Goalscorers were Cristiano(2),Dveep (2) Keilan,Liam,Lambert,Vilas,Silas(2) and Hussain

10A v/s 10D

An iconic photograph from the 2018 football match between 7A and 7D shows Arsh and Ayaan running after the ball in duplicate.Another iconic photograph taken 3 years later shows them still running after the ball in a similar fashion !

However 10A,despite the best efforts of Arsh,Ayaan and the rest of the team ended up as second best on the day. 10 D beat them by a margin of one goal – scored by Vernon.They did score another one but it was ruled offside.

Some more photographs of all the action..

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