Finals of Correia Memorial 2022 -2023

The finals of the third edition of the Correia Memorial Tournament was played on the 6th of January as scheduled.The finals of the first and second incarnations of the tournament were played much earlier on in those academic years. The 2018 final was played in September and that year 10A won the final. with 10C being runners up.

The 2019 final was played on Children’s Day that year. and Class 10 B won that year .10C were runners up once again. After that the tournament did not get played for two years due to the pandemic.

The long awaited and much postponed finals of the 2022 tournament saw a team from Class 9 getting to the finals for the first time.

10D took a two goal lead in the first half – both goals being scored by Vernon Kanchan.They looked the better side for most of the first half.The second half saw Silas scoring his 6th goal for 9C and reducing the deficit to one goal.Hope soared in class 9 hearts for a brief period of time. But the superior strength of the Class 10 team saw them play out the rest of the second half without conceding another goal. Thus Correia Memorial 2022 was won by class 10D. Class 10C remains the only class that has not yet won the tournament – yet.Howver judging by the excellent performance of the current 9C team that win may well take place in the 2023 edition of the tournament.

The prize distribution ceremony took place immediately after the game.

Best Defender of the Final – VERNON KANCHAN

Best Midfielder of the final- NIGEL DSOUZA

Best Forward of the final – LIAM ALMEIDA

Hat Trick Scorers: Silas Chavan and Grenville Monteiro

The Golden Boot was shared by VERNON KANCHAN and SILAS CHAVAN . Both scored 6 goals each.

Class 9C with their hard fought Runners Up Certificates

Class 10D with the Cup

Congrats to 10D and to all who participated and thanks for the wonderful games played in good spirit, All the best to 9C for 2023.

Photographs from the game taken by Asher D’Silva

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