Thanksgiving Eucharist.

A Eucharistic Celebration was held in the school hall on the 20th of March to give thanks to God for the many blessings received during the celebration of the Golden Jubilee Year.

The 4 priests who concelebrated at the mass were all ex students of St Augustine’s School. Fr Rajesh (SSC 1987) Fr Lenoy (SSC 1994 ) Fr Robin (SSC 1978) and Fr Thomas (SSC 1995 ) led the gathered staff and students in prayer. Each of them shared how their years in St Augustine’s school had played a critical role in their formative years .They shared how the values nurtured in them in school had helped them to discern their priestly vocations. The sharing of these happy school memories surely made a positive impact on the gathered students.

The eucharistic celebration was marked with some lively singing and prayers of thanksgiving.

Thanks to the members of the PTA who volunteered to mind the rest of the students of the school while the Eucharistic Celebration was going on.

We pray for God’s continued blessings on all staff and students of St Augustine’s as we head into the future.

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