Farewell SSC 2023

St Augustine’s school said adieu to the SSC batch of 2023 on Monday the 27th of March 2023.

Memories ..( Click on the photograph below to see more ancient photographs)

Memories with a song …

After looking at the old photographs and relieving many happy memories some time was spent in prayer giving thanks to God for their time in school and asking for God’s blessings upon each one of them for the future.

Prayer service

This was followed by the Awards and Scholarships Ceremony.

Then there was time for some fun and games and songs and eating ..

Wisdom for the journey from the Lord of the Rings

All good things have to come to an end and so the farewell ceremony too came to an end shortly after that.Ms Ranjeeta gave the vote of thanks.She reminded all the students of SSC 2023 that the farewell was just another new beginning and that they would remain on in the hearts of all the teachers who had taught them over the years. The students were then given their passing out souvenirs by their class teachers.

Farewell SSC 2023. All good wishes and blessings go with you.

(Photography by Neal Lewis)

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